Deep fried pizza snack

2×100g / 2×3.5 Oz.

The deep fried pizza can be considered as a certainty and an institution.
A simple and poor traditional food, that, with very few ingredients, can solve the problem of preparing a meal.

The deep fried pizza is a further evidence of the creativity of Neapolitans in times of crisis.
At the end of World War II the city was devoid of everything. Even the Neapolitan pizza had almost become something just for rich people because, as it is well known, in order to prepare it, you needed a wood oven, and topped with mozzarella and tomato, which were often unavailable or very costy however.
You needed to think about something easy to prepare and to sell out but also for those who had to buy it.
For this reason, deep fried pizza, is still today perceived as the “poor sister of baked pizza”.

The most famous deep fried pizza was the so called “pizza a otto” literally “pizza to eight “, eaten immediately but paid eight days later. That’s how the Neapolitan he invented the “deep fried pizza”, also called “people’s pizza” because it was sold by the streets by women, to round off the family economy in the difficult post-war period.

Usually, during frying, deep fried pizzas swell up, for which they have an empty inside, which is ideal to fill with any sort of ingredient.

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  • Dough obtained using first choice flours
  • Stoneground flours
  • 48 hours of leavening
  • High hydration
  • Tasty, soft and very digestible product
  • Napoli Snack

    Topped with delicious tomato.

  • Vesuvio Snack

    Topped with delicate red onion.

Oven preparation

Product to be cooked in a preheated oven at a temperature of 200°C for about 11 minutes.

Wait for about two minutes before serving.

TypePallet UK 48" × 40"
Sales unit per case10
Cases per layers18
Layers per pallet8
Cartons per pallet144
Sales unit per pallet1440
Pallet Height223 cm / 87,79”