• Ready to eat after defrosting
  • Customizable according to taste
  • Different formats and flavours available‚Äč.


320g / 11.28 Oz.

Genoan focaccia is a specialty of the Ligurian cuisine.

It is about three cm thick, with a golden-ambery colour and with several well marked alveoli.

One of it’s main characteristics is the process of brushing it with an extra virgin olive oil, water and coarse salt emulsion, before the last leavening.

This delicacy can be consumed in the early morning as a breakfast snack or later in the day as a side, an aperitif or a starter.

Traditionally it was always accompanied with a glass of white wine, however today, it can be consumed without it.

  • Focaccia bread with tomato and onion topping

    Focaccia bread with tomato and onion topping

  • Focaccia bread with Rosemary

    Focaccia bread with Rosemary

Oven preparation

Cook before eating.

Take the wrap off and bake in the oven at 220/240 °C for about 2/3 minutes.

TypePallet UK 48" × 40"
Sales unit per case4
Cases per layers16
Layers per pallet11
Cartons per pallet192
Sales unit per pallet768
Pallet Height210 cm / 82"