• Customizable format and flavours
  • Suitable for oven and air fryer
  • Practical and easy to eat

Churros pizza bites

Born from the traditional Spanish desserts, created with deep fried batter and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, the Churros Pizza Bites are innovative in their flavour and format.

Especially created to be bites, instead of having an elongated shape, they are conceived to be perfect snacks, or sides, especially because of their mouth-watering flavour: Pizza!

Filled with creamy mozzarella, tomato and spices, the little Churro bites will remind you of one of the most famous dish on this earth, while allowing you to savour the characteristics of Spanish Churros!

What a combo this is!

Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, it is suitable to be cooked in the air fryer and in the oven. Practical and aesthetic, they can easily become your favourite addition to a meal.

  • Churro pizza bites

    Flavours available: Pizza, Spicy Pizza

    30 gr Churro Pizza Bite

Oven preparation

180 degrees for 10 minutes

Fryer preparation

180 degrees for 6 minutes