Food scouting

Food scoutingResearching for new ingredients, improving recipes and develop innovative products is the aim behind our business. We also provide a more sophisticated custom-made service: the food scouting.

Aware of the products you are looking for, we find it, we adapt it to your demand and then we provide you with the best shipping method that suits your company best.

Are you looking to complete and widen your offering ranges?

Are you interested in standing above another tough competitor?

You can give us vague ideas of what you are looking for, or you can present us with specific requirements.

Food scoutingOnce we have these information, our taste hunters will search for the best European and Italian products to comply your demand. The next step is receiving the samples directly in your facilities, where you can taste it and evaluate if it corresponds to the product you were looking for.

We aim to produce for you exactly what you wished for. This is the reason why, if the product you receive does not comply with your requests, we will continue to improve our development and production, until we deliver you a perfect and desired good.

Freezeat will make sure you will be able to taste and offer to your clients the exact product you conceived in your head.

Once we agree on the product that most suits your needs, we will produce it and prepare it for shipping.

Are you interested in our food scouting service?

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