• Very unique deep fried crust
  • Dough obtained using first choice stoneground flours
  • 46 hours of leavening for a highly digestible product

Deep fried pizza

400g / 14.11 Oz.

Deep fried pizza is a simple and poor traditional Italian food, crafted with very few and genuine ingredients, which constitute a proper filling meal.
At the end of World War II, Napoli, situated in the south of Italy, was left extremely poor and with no resources. The well know Napolitan pizza was almost unavailable for those who were striving because of the pricy wooden oven needed to cook it and the fresh ingredients used as toppings. This situation led Napolitans to develop something that could have been available to anybody, quick to prepare and easily sold on the streets.

Deep fried pizza is today still perceived as the cheaper version of the traditional Napolitan pizza.

The most famous deep fried pizza developed, was called “pizza a otto” because it was purchased and eaten immediately but paid eight days later. Another popular name it had is “people’s pizza” as it was sold by women, to help their own families in the hard post-war period.

In the process of frying, this type of pizza usually swells up and this is why it is perfect to be filled with a wide variety of ingredients.

Are you interest in the delicious Deep Fried Pizza? You can also find it as a Deep Fried Pizza Snack size!

  • Napoli

    Topped with delicious tomato.

  • Vesuvio

    Topped with delicate red onion.

  • Deep Fried Pizza Margherita

    Deep Fried Pizza Margherita

  • Deep Fried Pizza Crust

    Deep Fried Pizza Crust

  • Deep Fried Pizza Snack Crust

    Deep Fried Pizza Snack Crust

  • Deep Fried Pizza Snack Margherita

    Deep Fried Pizza Snack Margherita

  • Vesuvio Snack

    Topped with delicate red onion.

  • Napoli Snack

    Topped with delicious tomato.

Oven preparation

Product to be cooked in a preheated oven at a temperature of 180°C for about 13 minutes.

Wait for about two minutes before serving.

TypePallet UK 48" × 40"
Sales unit per case6
Cases per layers20
Layers per pallet8
Cartons per pallet160
Sales unit per pallet360
Pallet Height223 cm / 87,79”