Exclusive and innovative Italian gourmet products

Experience rooted in passionate culinary crafting traditions

Innovation and originality for the most refined recipes

Innovative tradition for the highest quality of culinary expertise


The core of our business is working in Private Label for the largest American retail chains.

Freezeat is an expert in the Private Label field and develops, for your own private brand, the best Italian and European delicacies to be sold and distributed.

With years of crafting experience, our third parties production is custom-made.

We are strong in understanding your commercial requirements and we craft for you an entire culinary experience, adapting flavours to the specific taste of those who will consume it.

Freezeat is rooted in the deepest passion and the most grounded experience in the culinary and confectionary field.

Corrado Giovanardi, CEO of Casa del Gelato, based in Maranello (Modena), who is crafting and exporting the highest quality of ice creams, sorbets and desserts all around the world, since 1979. Casa del Gelato is a modern and functional facility, complying the highest international requirements of hygiene and safety. For his skills, dedication, consistency, and experience, Corrado and his business, are worldwide well known to be a reliable partner for the Private Label of some of the most prestigious retail chains in the world.

When Corrado Giovanardi and Jakob Zuegg (representative of the fifth generation of the Zuegg family, active in the international food business since 1860) met in 2018, for a European market collaboration, they soon discovered to commonly share a deep passion for the United States and quickly decided to join forces in this new project called FREEZEAT.

This is how FREEZEAT was born!