• Customizable format and flavours
  • Suitable for oven and air fryer
  • Practical and easy to eat

Deep fried pasta bites

Deep Fried Pasta Bites are a traditional and ancient street food typical of the Neapolitan cusine.

Very easy to cook, it requires simple ingredients which are first combined and then deep fried.

It was originally born to recycle left over pasta, which during hard poverty times could not be wasted, and has been renewed in the following years, by adding higher quality ingredients.

This 100 gr crunchy but creamy pasta bite, is a perfect starter and side dish, however you can also transform it into a main meal, with the addition of vegetables or simply by doubling up the quantity.

It’s so delicious you will not be able to resist!

  • Deep fried pasta bites

    Flavours available: Mac and Cheese, Cacio e Pepe

    Format: 100 gr

Oven preparation

180 degrees for 20 minutes

Fryer preparation

180 degrees for 18 minutes