Complete logistic management

Complete logistic managementAt Freezeat we deeply care about our products.

We do not care just about the research, the adaptation and the preparation of every single recipe and dish; we put our deepest care and attention in every legislative and logistical aspect that will allow the products to be taken to the warehouse.

Since we are managing food products, making sure that they meticulously comply with all the laws concerning this specific field, is extremely essential.

As we are dealing a wide variety of frozen products, it is vital that a provided schedule is appropriately followed.

Complete logistic managementFreezeat works with the Delivery Duty Paid option and manages all the processes related to shipping. It is essential to us that our products are delivered to you at their highest quality.

In order to coordinate the transport in the USA we also operate from America directly, managing both the timing and reservations, to be able to handle problems easily.

We are therefore able to manage a larger quantity of products and to supply the largest companies and chains.

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