Sweet or savoury? I choose both!

Why choose between two delicious snacks, when you could enjoy both?

From the most traditional European recipes, we craft nutritious and gourmet snacks, quick and easy to prepare.

Pizza, ice cream…with our innovative Chef’s delicacies you will satisfy every palate.

Quick and easy to prepare, our solutions will allow you to offer exquisite and exclusive European snacks, perfect for every occasion.

Find out some of the snacks we thought will please your clients!

You can also contact us to craft a brand new custom-made product to meet your market’s needs.

  • Pizza Dough Balls Cacio & Pepe

    Pizza Dough Balls Cacio & Pepe

  • Alghe


  • Rapa rossa e gorgonzola dolce

    Red turnip and sweet gorgonzola.

  • Nero di seppia, cavolfiore e baccalà

    Squid ink, cauliflower and cod.

  • Focaccia bread with tomato and onion topping

    Focaccia bread with tomato and onion topping

  • Focaccia bread with Rosemary

    Focaccia bread with Rosemary

  • Scrambled Egg Sticks

    With or without bacon, Scrambled Eggs Sticks
    are a real and delicious novelty.
    Easy and fast to prepare.
    Perfect for a quick meal or finger food.

    23g -0.81 oz.

  • Layered Dessert

    Selection of gourmet layered dessert, that range from the most traditional tastes (tiramisù, pistachio,cheesecake with raspberry sauce) up to exploring innovative combination of ingredients (mascarpone and amaretti, limoncello, cappuccino).

  • Gelato Macarons

    Selection of 8 crunchy macarons filled with delicious gelato in the following flavors: pistachio, vanilla, chocolate and sea salt caramel.

  • Mini Cake Snack

    Innovative layered single serve cakes, ready to eat thanks to the plastic fork installed in the packaging. Raspberry, ricotta, sacher, tiramisù, lemon, unicorn.. and many others irresistible flavors available!

  • Macarons Chocolate

    Gelato Macarons al Cioccolato

  • Macarons Pistachio

    Gelato Macarons al Pistacchio

  • Macarons Sea Salt Caramel

    Gelato Macarons al Caramello

  • Macarons Vanilla

    Gelato Macarons alla Vaniglia

  • Black forest & Ricotta mini cake

    Black forest & Ricotta mini cake

  • Dessert Pistachio

    Layered Dessert al Pistacchio

  • Dessert Salted Caramel

    Layered Dessert al Caramello

  • Dessert Tiramisù

    Layered Dessert al Tiramisù

  • Deep Fried Pizza Snack Margherita

    Deep Fried Pizza Snack Margherita