When one thinks of the city of Naples, one is almost led to imagine a country of its own within another wonderful country that is Italy. This is because Naples is such a unique and culturally strong city that it has no equal anywhere in Italy or the world. This is so with regards to art, culture, architecture, theater and of course the cuisine.

It is simplistic to identify Naples solely with pizza, a sublime and universally known, appreciated and imitated recipe, but in Naples there is much more above all in terms of pastry, the Neapolitan confectionery tradition has no equal. Think for example of the zeppole that are eaten at Christmas or at San Giuseppe’s, the rum babas, the struffoli all accompanied by a good Neapolitan coffee, still prepared with the typical Neapolitan coffee machine, strong, tasty, intense... Sugar? It would be a heresy.

  • Napoli

    Topped with delicious tomato.

  • Vesuvio

    Topped with delicate red onion.

  • Napoli Snack

    Topped with delicious tomato.

  • Vesuvio Snack

    Topped with delicate red onion.

  • Alghe


  • Zucchine e gamberetti

    Zuchini and shrimps.