Trento is the capital of the Trentino Alto Adige region. An Italian region that is autonomic and bilingual (Italian - German) of many beauties, among which, first of all, stand the Dolomites, unquestionably the most beautiful mountains in the world, declared world heritage by UNESCO, destination for summer and winter holidays for its evocative landscapes, the proverbial welcome and the perfect snowfall of its many ski resorts.
This part of Italy, although part of the whole Italian territory, on a cultural level is much more projected towards the Middle Europe, the Austrian and German culture. This cultural closeness is also reflected in the cuisine, rich, tasty, rather wintery, but really refined and exquisite and in the personality of its inhabitants, very reserved but really friendly.

  • Stuffed Bomboloni Chocolate Cream

    Regular, 90 g - 3.17 Oz, 6 pcs tray

  • Stuffed Bomboloni Egg Custard

    Regular, 90 g - 3.17 Oz, 6 pcs tray
    Mini, 34 g - 1.20 Oz, 12 pcs tray